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What You Will Learn Over 5 Value Packed Days

AI-Powered Content Creation Formula

Will help you find content ideas in 10x lesser time using AI.

Generated 10M+ views on my content & 15M+ on my students’ content.

Powerful Lead Generation Method To Boost The ROI

Step-by-step AI-powered lead generation method for every agents.

Led to 1786 leads for my business in just last 45 days

Step-by-Step Method to Skyrocket Conversion Rate

Strategy to increase the conversion rate and business growth.

36% increase in conversion rate on average

AI-Driven Email Marketing Blueprint

Will help you create marketing strategies and improvise according to the result using AI.

My last month marketing leads generated 7,868 leads.

Power of AI in Website Pages and Blog Writing

Will help you create high-quality content in less time with AI-powered tools that streamline the content creation process

We created 90 videos in the last 30 days and it generated over 3M+ views.

Ultimate AI Powered Influencer And Video Marketing

Elevate your influencer marketing strategy with AI-powered tools that identify top-performing influencers, optimize video content for your target audience, and boost engagement metrics

Our video views increased by 3x.

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April 15, 2023

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My top 5 Real Estate AI tools and how to use them

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The secret to find 100 content ideas our in less than 30 minutes.

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Cadence Manual

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Viral Marketing Blueprint

Bonus 4: Files

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Monthly Real Estate Insight PDF

Bonus 5: Files

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Private Facebook Group Membership

Bonus 6: Files

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E-mail drip sequences for every tags and categories

Bonus 7: Files

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Growth hack to generate emails from Instagram/Tiktok content

Bonus 8: Files

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Blueprint to run and promote an event using AI

Bonus 1: Files

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$1.5 Billion



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Suneet Agarwal, CEO of BIG BLOCK REALTY NORTH and renowned real estate coaching authority in the industry.

With over a decade of experience in real estate coaching and a proven track record of success, Suneet has earned his place among the TOP Realtors in California. As the current #1 agent in the Greater Sacramento MLS and CEO of Best Sac Homes Group, the #2 mega team in the state according to the Wall Street Journal and Real Trends, Suneet brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise to the table.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

The date and timings of the workshop has been mentioned on the top of the page.

A mix of both. Every day (all 5 Days) you’ll get the Session pre-recorded Videos.

2 days there’ll be interactive sessions. One taught by Suneet Agarwal which will be a 2.5 hour long Mega Webinar where you’ll learn advanced AI Content growth hacks and tactics for which you won’t receive any recordings.

The other session will be taken live by his team which will be a QnA to answer and clarify all your doubts and queries at the end of the workshop.

Like mentioned above. Every day you will get the recorded videos at 10PM and you can watch any time of the day.

Live sessions would be at 7 PM PST.

Yes! You’ll receive recordings of 5 day classes. Please note, there would be no recording of the live sessions.

Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion.

Please write to: hi@teemshah.com and our awesome support team will get back to you within 12 hours.

You will get access to all the bonuses during live sessions.

No, it’s better! 🙂

Here’s why :
This is an interactive experience in which you will be learning practical concepts taught by your mentor. You will be attending this stream with like-minded doers like you, while participating in polls, answering thought-provoking questions, attempting quizzes, and doing many more exciting activities.By the end of the value-packed session, you will have a roadmap to reach your desired outcomes.

Still Not Convinced?

Go to google and type my name, “Suneet Agarwal Realtor” ‍Go to my Zillow or Realtor and check my reviews Go to my Instagram and watch my videos and free content. Go to my blog and check my articles I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting value from me. 🙂